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Here is a little bit more about us...

Our story started with a vision. Rev. Jean-Edner Jeanty Jr. saw a great need, in Haiti, for servant leadership.  He was born and raised in Haiti. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM, 1989). He has taught Christian Education and Theology at STEP Seminary for over 25 years. He served with UFM International (now CrossWorld) as a missionary in Africa. He also worked at Compassion Haiti (Leadership Development Program), CRWRC (Justice Education and Service Learning, Latin America), and held many key leadership positions in the UEBH denomination (Executive Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer). 


Rev. Jeanty shared with his wife, Dominique, the vision to launch a ministry to promote the Christian worldview and servant leadership ideals in Haiti.  Soon, Barnabas was organized: a Christian Leadership Center where servant leadership is not only taught but also demonstrated. 


Since then, Barnabas has organized leadership conferences for church and business leaders in the country both in Port-au-Prince and other cities on this part of the island. We partner with organizations such as the Global Leadership Netwo and EQUIP Leadership to train leaders, especially Christian leaders, for the work that they do in Haiti. Barnabas has also started a prison ministry that demonstrates the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior, according to our mission and vision.


Our hope is that Barnabas Christian Leadership Center continues to be a resource for the leaders of our community and testimony for God's glory.


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